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Who are we?

Who would you be hiring, and why should you?


    Phoenix Building is founded, owned, and operated by Michael R. Thompson. Michael grew up in Central California, just a little ways South-East of San Fransisco.  Michael was always building something even from a young age. Whether it was a personal project of his, or his Dad making him and his brother redo the roof of his grandparent's house, he became well acquainted with a hammer and toolbelt even from that young age.

After working in construction for a few years, he took the leap and risk of pioneering his own construction company way back in 2003, where he has thrived ever since. Michael and his team have worked on simple suburbs, to large-scale custom homes. From small buisnesses to large scale franchises. He has done it all, and can do it all.

When you hire Phoenix Building, you aren't hiring a snotty company who only cares about getting paid for shotty work. You are hiring Mike Thompson, an individual who cares about a job well done, and about the people he works with.


Some of Our (Well Known) Clients

 The Habit Burger

Little Ceasers

Crumbl Cookie

Jimmy John's

Want to see your name on this list? Contact us with a project you want done and done well, and we will jump on getting it done immediately.
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